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poetry dances

produced by taylor kind and eric mattson

violin by dan cimo

Poetry Dances was a poem brought to life with a violin. Inspired by coming to realize what poetry means amidst the hurt.


I wrote less poetry when we were together.

I guess I didn't see a reason to sift through the perfection

I didn't need to pick apart the pieces to find some hidden message

There was nothing that needed to be questioned.

Instead all it called for was a single string of a violin,

2 notes from a piano key,

Or 3 words, either I love you or I am happy

 And that was all 4 what it had to be.

But poetry doesn't dance well with serendipity

It's rigid, unimaginative, and it dances like its feet are tied up

It wishes for a partner whose pitfalls are as exaggerated as its triumphs

Who dances like the earth will crumble the second it stands still

Who shines like gold but also rusts like metal left in a landfill

Poetry never held the hand of our simplicity

But I never asked it to

Instead, my mind kept drafting a poem for when you'd break my heart

It was like I was building some sort of lifeboat that I'd cling to when your hurricane came in

It was like I was practicing my dance moves with my pen between the pages,

But I didn't want to have to get on stage to say this, when you lay the foundation for this poem

You didn't leave anything out

See I found the meaning right away,

I found the rhythm with every second that we shared.

I found the balance with the weight of how much I care

And now the world unfolds like a poem that I haven't finished

I wake up with a sonnet in my fingertips

I walk like there's a haiku in every step

I talk like that single string of a violin has multiplied into a symphony

My thoughts consist of memories linked to metaphors that slip out like your smile lets loose a simile

I'm emptying everything that you give to me

And there is so much for me to sift through

See I could write a ballad for how you use to sing in the car with your hand out the window

I could write a eulogy as I watch what we used to be slip away when the wind blows

And I realized

That my poetry used to be frozen because you were the most beautiful poem that I had

It was not mine to write out, but I only wanted to quote it

With this battlefield of emotion, my heart is exposed like a brutally honest poem

And there is so much that we left unspoken

This was supposed to be a poet's dream

You broke the rope from around my feet 

And my poetry was ready to dance

So my mind pushed back the curtains...

My notebook called to me like an empty stage

My pen started tapping

My heart did not know what I could say.

So I started with three words.

I don't remember which, it was either I love you or I am happy

I waited for a single string of a violin

I listened for two notes from a piano key to match the three words

I just want love to be happy

But poetry doesn't work like that

So I will not go and break this stance

Poetry.. I do not want to dance.