mastered by eric mattson

The first poem on the album began the metaphor that I continued throughout. Highway is inspired by a realization that there’s alway something to discover and appreciate, regardless of the path we wind up taking.


For a 7th grade english project I had to create a metaphor for life,

and I chose a highway.

I think the Rascal Flatts song my mom would play in the car radio inspired.

But if life truly is a highway that civil engineer should be fired.

Because highways shouldn't have so many bumps and so many intersections every half a mile.

And when we switch directions the road is often littered with broken glass smiles, 

But this view is still pretty breathtaking every once in a while.

The only certainty in this journey is the futility of our gas tanks. 

And I just saw mile marker 18.

For the past 17 miles I watched my childhood unfold in the passing scenery

The speed limit increased as my parents tried to sweep the road ahead of me 

I know that there are potholes that await me.

It was always bikes and mountain sunrises painting my early memories

But now it's time to believe in the horizons our highways have yet to reach.

I'm frozen just past mile marker 18.

And I've come to a pretty hectic intersection.

I've built your heart as my compass it's become my only sense of direction.

And I don't want that to escape me.

But our highways may split here,

My heart recalculates at every road closure.

I've kept all of my missed turns and poor lane changes in my brain's closed folder. 

I could craft a map of all the roads that I haven't taken.

Our highways are under construction sometimes, with poor visibility and no shoulder,

But there are so many roads left ahead of us to believe in as we grow older

Don't focus on the path that you could have taken.

They say "the lonelier the highway the prettier the view"

But I don't want to picture what my road looks like without you.

And as we leave this intersection I won't ever let my love stop

Because love is in the headlights that guide me when the sun drops

And to all my friends who will be chasing a different path, I'll put your smiles and our laughs inside my glove box

Sometimes I wish that we could just stop.

But on this highway there are no pullouts

We've driven down childhood lane and here's our turn out

Pretty soon we'll be at mile marker 25, and then at mile 32 and then at 49

And I hope that we sing songs as the road passes by

With every bit of gas I burn I know that they'll be more to find.

See I've revised that 7th grade English project...

Because life is not quite a highway

It's more a sprawling connection of crossroads

Perfect places can be found anywhere, life is too infinite to focus on where we did not go.

We'll watch the mile markers tick by

We'll watch the road change as our hearts grow

And we'll try to keep the people we love close

As we brace ourselves for the potholes.

But regardless of the path you wind up taking don't worry. 

Because if live is a highway, we're going to love this journey