produced by unexotic

With our country and world in such a frustrating state, we find that our values and compassion are constantly being tested. That led me to write Battlefield. Sometimes winning the fight takes stepping out of the ring to not let the anger and the indifference of others cause you to abandon your belief in the beauty of the world, or take your energy away from recognizing and building the good.


We put up umbrellas assuming rain won't stop from coming through

We toss our hearts out like boomerangs hoping they circle back with something new

We sweep our secrets, set them in suitcases and run with the truth

We dump our dreams out like loose change that was never enough to use

See there is a dreamer getting dressed up in depression for his day job

There's a spiteful leader preaching hatred making chains too heavy to shake off

And there are people who have layered their hearts black with paint that's way too permanent to scrape off

And they told us that this world will be your battlefield

They told us to stay away and fight on until the war is stopped

And let your hope lay awake with the lights on and the door unlocked,

And wait for you to come home

And wait for you tell it that it can go to sleep

And that this war was only a dream, and that life is indeed sweet serendipity mixed with poetry

That this world is exactly like you hoped it'd be

But they told us the white flag will not waive here

They told us that we need to fight back, we won't stay here

They told us to put armor around our hearts

To unload our minds to speak bullets, they keep pulling us apart

And they show us the pictures of the rubble

And all the divisions that exist and all our bridges that have crumbled

And they teach us, do not walk down the street with your smile and give it to others

Be indifferent to their struggles because this ignorance gives you comfort

But I tell them, that this isn't how love works

I see the beauty in our differences as the definition of wonder

And I will go and paint their hearts a different color

I said that I will go and paint their hearts a different color

This tornado in my throat will only mean I'll whisper thunder

I can tell that there's a storm coming

So I'm on the forefront of this war running like Forrest Gump

When white flags are torn up and we're scared of what's in store

We just need to show them more love,

More trust, more beauty in the dust, we just need more of it.

Because I will not see this world as my battlefield


We wear our tattered hearts like battle scars from everything that we go through

But I shoot my my heart out like a cannonball I know it lands right where it's supposed to

And I will be standing taller than the ceilings that we haven't broken through

I will never put a barricade around everything that I hold true

Because there is a dreamer getting dressed up in a dance waiting to happen

The streets are filled across the nation with voices and faces reaching for magic

And there are kids ready to paint their hearts the most amazing color that you can imagine

Do not tell them that this world is their battlefield

Tell them that this world is their miracle, or their symphony.

That it's a marigold growing in the middle of winter

Please tell them that they can make a difference

See yes we need to fight for what we believe in

But teach them to be scavengers first

To gather love from every corner,

Every mistake and every pass by from every stranger

Do not let them carry their hope like it is in danger

Teach them, teach them to pick the beauty out from the cracks in our promises

To listen to the wind and smile at the world as they watch it spin

See I will give up this fight to tie my trust to the stars

And I will hand over my white flag if you use it to wipe the dust off your heart

Then maybe then it will shine a little stronger

So somebody tell them to take their armor off and put their weapons down.

Somebody tell my tired hope to turn the lights off and rest now

Because this world, this world is not my battlefield any longer

This world's not my battlefield any longer

I don't recognize it as a battlefield any longer,

Because this world, this world has always been something stronger.