Mile Markers is my first full music project. The 9 songs are a mixture of spoken word poetry and rap. On the website you'll find art pieces, lyrics, and videos to accompany the pieces.

The idea to create an album started a few days after my 18th birthday, when I wrote the first poem called Highway. Since then it has evolved and expanded into a reflection of my first year as an adult, and in many ways, serves as my personal rite-of-passage throughout the year. Discovering my voice within this period of transition has been one of the most important things I’ve grown into.

I'm excited, and honored to be able to finally share this. Regardless of the road I find myself on, or the mile markers I see, I look forward to continuing to write and create in the future.

Thank you

I owe a lot of thank yous to everyone who had a part in this project, starting with my family for encouraging me to write, and to my best friends for being my best audience to share to. A lot of incredibly talented people contributed to this album. Lily Burdick added a whole new element by creating the art pieces for every track. Ruby Blu, Shanti Herzog, and Senora Robinson graced many of the songs with their voices, and Dan Cimo brought Poetry Dances to life with violin. I was fortunate to record a few of the songs in the Saucepot studio, and to have Eric Mattson master each track. Thank you to Sam Snowden, Ethan Miller, and Anders Johnson for the video production; and to Tanner Layton, and Mya Hauk for the logo design.

To everyone who had an impact on me throughout mile marker 18, thank you for being a part of the journey. 


The biggest influences on my writing have been Dylan Owen and Rudy Francisco. Their words have helped me find my own expression, and their influence is reflected in my writing process and style.

The inspiration for Mile Markers came from coffee shops, long bike rides, friends in new and old places, and from life itself. The album has been a process of discovering a passion, and establishing music and poetry as an important part of who I am. The creation of this album was most importantly for myself –in order to learn, grow, and capture my story as it unfolds. To me, poetry is the evidence of life happening around you, and I've always sought out the poetry in my surroundings. 

So thank you for listening.

– Christopher

When we stop trying to find things to measure our lives by, maybe we’ll see just how infinite we are